The Internet has now entered an age of high interactivity and rapid broadband.Every year the value of online transactions has skyrocketed, with the number of companies exploring online business opportunities continuing to increase rapidly as well.Be it technology, hardware, security, participation or consumer confidence ˇV these are now all maturing, suggesting that the world may be on the brink of explosive growth.All the associated industries are now busy working on coming up with new services to catch the wave as well.Of these, 3D object presentation technology has now developed sufficiently for real world applications.With this technology, the impact of online presentations can be greatly enhanced, with objects displayed in a more realistic and natural manner.The viewerˇ¦s understanding and familiarity with the object is thus improved, providing a more effective channel of communication that also increases the level of consumer satisfaction.The existing approach of using 2D photographs to present objects is no longer adequate. Using 3D VR images of objects that the viewer can freely adjust, perhaps with added music or commentary, the application of VR multimedia to industries that require high quality online presentations is a line of development well worth exploring.

VRPEM.COM is dedicated to the development and marketing of 3D object photography equipment. Over time, we have developed the equipment and techniques to greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of 3D object imaging while reducing the costs. By using the superbly designed new 3D object photographic shelf, 3D VR object imagery can be made quickly to the highest standards for the lowest expenditure.

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