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VR Supporter - Auto L2

VR Supporter- Auto M 2
VR Supporter-S 1
¡·Auto large System
¡·Auto medium System
¡·Auto small Shelf
¡· multi row 3D object photography
¡· multi row 3D object photography
¡· multi row 3D object photography
¡·Suitable for 120~ 2 cm sized objects
¡·Suitable for 60~ 2 cm sized objects
¡·Suitable for 20~0.2 cm sized objects
¡·Touch screen controller
¡·Touch screen controller
¡·Touch screen controller
¡·Maximum load 200 kg ¡·Maximum load 100 kg
¡·Maximum load 30 kg

object movie photo 36-10 work with Auto-M2

object movie photo




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LightStand big image

Turntable cloth set big image

Optional accessories


Optional accessories

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Light Stand
Turntable Cloth Set
Locator-for micro sized objects
Loading cylinder
Optional accessories
Optional accessories
Optional accessories
Optional accessories

¡· A simple and easy to use light stand can be directly installed to the VR Supporter M1 and S1, while connector design enables easy installation of the top lamp, side lamp, background lamp, and light reflector. The light stand is lightweight and portable, at the same time offering professional quality results without the cost.

¡· The VR Supporter comes with a set of turntable cloth padding included. As the cloth padding is a consumable, it may become damaged or discolored after use, please contact your local dealer for replacements.

¡· Suit for positioning objects smaller than 20mm, where calibrating the position of the object to the center of the turntable is critical and is not an easy task when done by hand. The micro-sized object locator can overcome this barrier and accomplish the task as designed.

¡·Loading cylinder and specialized accessories can make it easier to object placement, focus, and getting a beautiful result for your 3D object photography. The full peripheral support will enhance your 3D object photography and get professional results, every time.

¡· For VR Supporter S1
3D Photo Background Kit

 3D Photo Background Kit

¡·No more masking, less cutting, you can get the good background for object movie.


¡·High quality masking and cutting in photo after-effect is fairly difficult to accomplish in creating VR object movie work, and is usually more task-intensive than the actual shooting process itself. The uniquely designed 3D Photo Background Kit includes the portable supporter, black/white dual-colored background cloth, fixed clip, cleaning roller, and carry bag. 3D Photo Background Kit can greatly improve your task efficiency and reduce after-effect costs, easily producing great results without all the hassle.                     (Patents pending)


¡·Customizable specification for large objects and any other style object rig.


¡·All kinds of professional accessories, complete support your 3D photography, so you can expand the scope of work and better professional performance.

M1 working
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S1 working




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